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Since 1980s, Fu Hing Elastic Weaving Ltd. had always been a webbing specialist in the industry. Over the years, we expand our production to China since 1990s. In Dongguan China, we build our own factory with an areas of 8000 square meter. To remain competitive within the industry, we have employ the latest technology in the industry which now we have hundred of latest weaving machines in our two manufacuring buildings. At the same time of expanding our infrastructure and machinery, we also expand our products line to strings, jacquard weaving, lanyards, woven belts. There is too much to mention there, please check our products sections for details.

Mission, Vision, Value

Our main mission is to satisfy customers and give more than expected. We are always trying our best to give best value and services to the customers. For every single step of the tasks from quotation to sampling, production to delivery, we looked very carefully and specific areas for improvement. All the procedure are planned and acted accordingly by all the staffs of FuHing & Fusion Weaving. All the staffs are highly trained to comply with the standards & rules of the company.

Price is quoted for the best value, we are always happy to give our price lists for customer reference.

We have a vision, which all our products will be environmental friendly, we as human have responsibility for saving our planet for our childen and our generations to come. We require all our suppliers to provide certificate to indicate our raw materials used are comply with the latest government standard.

Why choose us as your supplier?

Because we have the people for the best customer-oriented attitude, we have the best machinery for high quality products, and we have the best price for our values. Contact us at sale@fu-hing.com, our quality staffs are waiting to serve you.